Last night was the annual Mira Awards.  In a room of more than 800 members of the tech community, we had a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of firms leading the charge to drive Indiana to a digital future.

Kudos all the way around:  To the team at TechPoint, who put on a terrific program.  ( I know how much work it is to make an event with 800+ people flow smoothly)  to the foundation board members who are committed to advancing technology in Indiana, to the judges and the 88 companies who submitted applications.

And special congrats to all the winning companies.  This is just a partial list from the categories.  For the full list, check out the TechPoint Website.

  • Exact Target:  Information Technology Company – Owner Scott Dorsey said that even though they have received many Mira awards, each one was special.  The award was well deserved, but I have to admit I was rooting for my friends (and former clients) at eImagine
  • BlueLock: Information Technology Gazelle. I have watched this company grow over the last two years, and they really hit their stride this year.  Expanding, adding more jobs to the local economy, and gaining recognition on a national scale, this award was well deserved.
  • Hill-Rom: Excellence in Corporate IT.  These folks proved that innovation and entrepreneurial spirit exists inside the walls of companies large and small here in Indiana.
  • Imavex: New Media Excellence and Innovation.    Moving well beyond web design, they have embraced streaming media and mobile technology.  This category was new in 2010, and had quite a few deserving submissions.  Finalists Anacore, Inc and Exact Target were equally deserving of the award.  ( But only one company can win).

In a year when many firms, and many industries struggled, the tech community of Indiana moved against the tide, creating jobs and innovation here in Silicon Prairie.