In the course of our Business Card Makeover contest, we’ve found some business cards which were in serious need of a makeover.  Most of the business cards we received were not hideous, but simply not functional.

Take a look at your business card. Can you read everything easily, or do you have to squint past ornate fonts and tiny sizes, or sort through cluttered lines of text ? Remember: the primary purpose of a business card is give your contact information. If your card makes it difficult to find that, you’re in trouble.  Think of your business card like a tiny billboard.   Can you read the informatoin zooming by at 60 miles an hour.

Help Us Select This Month’s Winner

Button1Check out these examples of business cards in we have selected as finalists, by clicking the link to the right.   Select the card you believe should  receive a FREE makeover.  Be sure to remember the number, return to this screen and enter the number in the form below.

Only votes submitted with a valid email will be counted.  And if your card is one of the finalists, be sure to encourage your friends to come and vote!!

We will be accepting votes until Midnight on Sunday May, 23.