Great looking brands grow over time, when they are consistently  executed in web and print. Even small business owners can build a strong brand if they work at it!

Several years ago Roundpeg designed a logo and color palette for Living with Intention.  From time to time they come back for a new brochure, flyer or postcard.

They  always been a fun client to work with because  owners Dr. Stephen  and Linda Elliott have a clear idea of what they want.   As we have worked together, I have figured out their style and can anticipate what they will like. Blog Post1

The LWI logo is fun to work with because of the different pieces, which give it depth, and can stand on their own as individual graphic elements.  The dark blue and brown also work well as half tones, so a lighter version of the blue can be used for the background without changing the colors.

The newest piece we designed was a 6 x 9  information card.    Since Living with Intention is about “wellness” I wanted a calm soothing feel to the piece, even thought we were printing it on a heavy card stock.  The rounded corners, soft colors and “cloud background” were used to create the emotion I was looking for.

The piece is being printed at UN Printing this week. ( We love their pricing, but love their service even more).  I am ready to see the final product, because this piece is something different than the usual work I produce. What do you think about the size and shape?