Another Friday, another round of #FF’s on Twitter.  These endless lists of names sometimes introduce me to people I should follow, but without an explanation of who they are, I typically skip the lists and simply thank those who #FF me.

Then I read this blog post by Chris Brogan, about how to create really productive results from your #FF posts, and I have a whole new attitude about Follow Friday.

He suggests you write a blog post about your Follow Friday friends, or at least a sentence explaining why someone should follow them.   I like the concept.  I can introduce my friends in a meaningful way, and meet your friends too.

This introduction process is important to the growth of the community.  Who should you introduce?  Chris suggests

Find the good people. Find people who need the attention. Find people who matter to you. Share the locals.

So here is my list for the week.  The people on Twitter you might enjoy meeting:

@marketingveep – Aka Kellie Schmith – Love to see what she is reading, and love her sense of humor.  Right now, she is going through a kitchen remodel, and I feel her pain as she searches for a place for the coffee pot.

@BgKahuna – Self proclaimed Court Jester of All Media, and King of No Pants Friday.  Always willing to share fun photos of his adventures throughout Indy and a wicked sense of humor.

@robbyslaughter – One of the smartest people I know – He is never shy about sharing his sarcasm along with the wisdom.

@taylorpb23 –  A talented graphic designer.  While I get to see his work on a daily basis, it is fun to see what he shares on Twitter.

These are just a few of my favorites this week. Who would you add to the list?