According to Shakespeare, A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet. Does the same hold true for companies? Would Nike have the same punch with a different name?

Working with start-ups, we are asked from time to time to help clients name their new business.  The process of developing a great name is one of the most rewarding, but often most challenging parts of my job.

The project always begins with a conversation with the client. We want to understand what is important to them and what sets them apart.   Even in traditional industries, we always look for a unique twist.

We are currently working with a carpenter to name his new business.  His specialty is unique decks, he loves unusual angles and non traditional designs.   Also, as a former emergency manager, he is very focused on even the smallest details, so the name and tagline need to convey both creative concepts and flawless execution of wood designs.

While I love made up words, names with foreign language roots and creative spelling, this clients seems to gravitate toward more literal, concrete terms, so some of my creative paths are block, and I could use a bit of help.

Here a few of the names we have come up with so far, but I could use a little help.  Any ideas?

  • HomeWorks by Tim
  • Batta’s WoodWorks
  • DesignWorks by Time
  • Built Right
  • DoneRight Carpentry

The tag lines are working much better so far my favorites are:

  • Creatively Designed, Solidly Built for use with any of the first three names
  • Creativity and Craftsmanship to match with the last two.

In both cases, I could use a few more suggestions, and I am just stumped this AM.. Any creative thoughts out there?