At Roundpeg, our clients  come from a wide range of industries. On any given day, we may find ourselves working with a HVAC company, Eye Doctor or DJ.  I enjoy the diversity and have become accustomed to switching gears as I move from project to project.  So it was unusual when we had two wedding planners ask us to design their sites, one right after the other.

In the first quarter we designed a website for Kim King Smith Events, LLC and Simply Perfect Events. Both sites were had elements which made the projects, fairly simple, and complex at the same time.   One thing we noticed was both planners shared a common love for the color purple!.

With Kim King Smith Events, LLC we were recreating an existing site on a WordPress platform. Kim (owner of Kim King Smith Events) has been in business for years and she wanted to keep her image.  Our primary objective, was to give her a tool which would allow her to make simple updates on a regular basis.  A secondary objective was to update the site slightly to give it a cleaner look and feel.  With so much existing content, we had all the information we needed to complete the pages.

Kim has been blogging for quite awhile on Blogger, so we added a blog to the site, and transferred all the content to here site.  Now the posts bring additional traffic to instead of Blogger.  Check out the site, and tell us what you think!

Simply Perfect Events was fun to work on because we were starting from scratch. Kelley (owner of Simply Perfect Events) is just starting her business, and had no existing website so we had more freedom to create her site. The greatest challenge was the fact that she did not have a clear idea of what she wanted her site to look like.  We went through several very different versions, including one usual version which looked like a planner laying on a desktop.   Ultimately she opted for a cleaner, more traditional layout, with a lot of purple.    Her logo font was an elegant script, which we used for page titles, and other emphasis points on the site.  Kelley all had a number of photos she wanted displayed on her site so we added the Next Gen Gallery plug in to create a photo gallery page which will grow as her business grows.   To see Simply Perfect Events website please visit:

If you have any further questions, please contact Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm.