PR used to be an easy gig.
  1. Step One – Write a press release, educational article or case study
  2. Step Two – Submit it to a list of reporters in your targeted media
  3. Step Three – Collect the clippings and start over

But as newspapers struggle to find advertisers, the amount of content shrinks.  As a result, especially here in Indy, fewer and fewer stories are featured in the print version of the publications.  In an interesting article in Web Designer Depot, the author suggested that the iPad may very well be the last nail in the coffin of traditional media.

While I am not sure printed publications will disappear completely, I do believe they comprise a smaller and smaller piece of the news picture.  As a result, when I  work with small businesses to develop PR strategies, I have shifted the majority of my efforts away from traditional printed media, to on-line venues.   I believe the ability to leverage the on-line media exposure is much greater then what you can do with a single article in a printed publication.   Why?  Because once a story runs in the paper, the best you can do is cut it out and hang it on your wall.  In contrast once you are featured on-line you can post segments on your blog, link to the original article from your blog.  In addition, you can post comments on social media platforms ( Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and include the links in your newsletters to clients and prospects.

The benefits of online PR expand beyond just the coverage.  When used properly, it becomes SEO fuel for your website too!

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