Over the past month, the Roundpeg team has been working with Mr. Tom Barrett on a new site for his company, Green Water Infrastructure. GWI is on the cutting edge of sustainable technology, and helps communities save money by SimpleRainGardendeveloping efficient water conservation systems. Needless today, it was very exciting working with Tom on the website.

Mr. Barrett has a wealth of information on green technology and as a sought-after public speaker, knows how to effectively communicate ideas. One our  challenges was to find ways to organize the information, and present the content in a way that would allow Tom to engage the visitors to his site.  Rather than simply uploading Powerpoint presentations, we took select sides and asked Tom to write blog posts on specific topics.  This allowed us to add some strong visuals to his blog, and break up the content into manageable pieces.

WaterTom had lots of exciting visual aids from his time spent giving presentations on the subject We were able to leverage those tools to provide context to the abstract concepts of economic conservation.  We had the opportunity to work with a variety some of our favorite tools, as well as a few new ones during the site construction.

To increase engagement, we offered visitors the opportunity to download the entire presentation, using if they provide their email, allowing Tom to being building an email list of individuals interested in sustainable technology.  To collect this information, we used the form-building tool Formspring. The tool allows us to build robust, useful forms on a website with a few simple clicks.

One of our favorite discoveries during the site construction was Slideshare. The service allows someone to upload a presentation and instantly creates a sleek, professional slideshow. What’s more, Slideshare allows you to easily embed any of your uploaded slideshows to your website.

We also found  MobileMe to be extremely helpful as we transferred large files back and forth.

One of the biggest lessons I learned building this site was how many free and inexpensive tools are available to help small businesses look bigger.

Make sure to check out the new Green Water Infrastructure website when you get the chance! Also, please contact Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design company, with any further questions!