It is easy to see how tech firms and retail companies can use internet marketing and social  media, but contracting firms?   My friend Matt Michele, founder of the Service Roundtable makes a compelling argument for even businesses in these trades to give it a try.

He identifies a series of simple steps any small business owner can take to begin using the internet more effectively.   His list includes:

  1. Create a Facebook Fan Page – As I mentioned in a post about a week ago, Facebook is coming the social media of the masses.  While it may not be the most effective method to communicate to your clients, it is free!  And the upside potential of building a loyal following, can give a boost to every small business.
  2. Collect Customer Emails & Market to Them – While many of us over overwhelmed with email offers, when used and not abused, email is still an effective way to stay connected to your existing customers.  To do this effectively, you really need a tool to organize your contacts.  It is time to take them out of your filing cabinet, and put them in a data base.
  3. Complete Your Local Search Profile – It takes just a few minutes to complete the profile and it will help you improve your visibility in the “ten pack” of local search results.
  4. Create a list of your prestigious reference jobs including pictures – It is even more effective if you can create an individual blog post for each listing.  This will give you more unique content to help the search engines find you!

Matt had a number of other suggestions as well.  To see the whole list click here

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