What do journalists and marketing pros have in common?  Questions!!   Both groups of professsionals begin their process with some simple questions.   Here is a quick list of the seven questions you should ask as you work on your marketing plan!

Who –Who is your ideal client? – Age, income, type of business

What – What is your customer’s problem.   What keeps them up at night?

How –How will your products or services solve the problem your client faces?

Where – Where is your ideal client?  This also applies to where they look for information and new products and services

When – When do they need your product?  When will they seek out information?  Will they look far ahead of the need, or only when what they are using breaks.

Why – Why should they chose you?

For answers to these and other important marketing questions, join Matt Nettleton and Me for a look at how to transform Random Strangers into Raving Fans !

March 25, 8:00 – 11:00  a.m.

Sandler Training Trustpointe Offices, 6666 East 75th Street, Indianapolis

Fee: $29.99 Seating is limited, so be sure to  register soon.  Click here