Today’s guest post is from Heid, the CEO of ProVim.  They are our web host, not just for Roundpeg, but every website we build for our clients.  More than anything else, we work with them because of their service.   Things don’t go wrong with websites often, but when they do, I am glad we work with Provim!

Got Back Up?

Every once in a while we’ll get a call from a customer frantically describing that they accidentally just deleted their website (with no backup in hand).  Thankfully, for these customers, we’ve had backups of their sites.  In the event that the abominable happens, backups serve to be a safety net for your valuable digital resources.

How many times have you lost an important document or photo due to a hard drive crash, software error, or usb flash drive failure?  I’m sure it’s happened at least once in your life, right? Events like this teach us the importance of personal data backups.  However, even with the knowledge gained from these horrible events, it can still be easy to blank on making a backup.  This is why backing up a website at the server level is important, and is something we do with every site hosted.

Be sure to contact Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design company, with any back up questions.