When I was in corporate there was an ongoing battle between marketing and IT for control of the web site. The technology was relatively new, and while we saw tremendous potential to connect with customers, the IT department simply saw it as more technology.

Today,  most companies understand the website is an extension of their marketing, but a new battle has begun.  The question now, is who owns social media.   Is it a PR, marketing, or HR function?

In a recent article for the Harvard Business Review David Amano suggests that we are asking the wrong question.  It is not a matter of who owns social media, but whether or not a company is ready to “live social”.  More than an advertising campaign, David says social media is

a way of thinking and approaching business that requires passion and commitment and, above all, willingness to participate in social spaces honestly and freely and by the rules of the social network itself.

So as you are mapping out your 2010 marketing strategy.  Ask yourself the important questions.  Are you ready for the challenges of being a truly social company in the year, and decade to come? If you’re freaking out about this concept, call Roundpeg, an Indianapolis social media firm. We’re willing to help you with your overall marketing strategy.