Everyone wants the key to success. The one right way to do something. Unfortunately when it comes to web design, like many other marketing strategies, there is no one right answer.  Especially when you are working to please multiple audiences.

One of the great challenges of web design is creating a site which serves the needs of the search engines and the real people who visit your site, and hopefully buy something along the way.   How do you find a balance between the needs of these two very  different audiences?

Your task is to develop content which is interesting and eye catching to your visitors, and informative for  search engines.

Search engines like lots of copy, containing key words, repeatedly if possible.   Your readers, with serious attention deficit want you to get to the point quickly.  One strategy is to start with the very best phrases.

I use the keyword tool from Google Ad Words as a starting point for word selection in my copy.  I simply type a phrase I believe clients will use when looking for a particular type of business and the tool generates a list of alternative phrases. It will also rank how often these phrases have been used in recent searches.


I tested  “small business marketing” and found the term  “marketing strategy” was searched significantly more often.  I found it was used an average 201,000 times a month.  I also noticed  “small business ideas”,  a phrase I have never deliberately used, is searched more than 20,000 times a month.   This is not the most popular phrase, but it has a steady following.  I am going to try to adjust my copy to add it to the mix!

The Lesson

Researching key words will give you a great foundation for your copy.  Be sure you don’t create copy which overuses the terms like this: Small business marketing strategy should include novel ideas for small business owners, which expand their current small business marketing activities.  Search engines will love it, but your readers ( the people who buy from you)  won’t!

Creating a productive website does not require more flash or more pictures.  A great website requires simple navigation and great content.

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