It was a hard decision this year, but after long discussions and long lost nights of sleep we decided the employee of the year for 2009 at Roundpeg was the one and only…wait for it…Clyde the cat.

Yes, Clyde is our office cat and an integral part of the team here at Roundpeg. She works long hours and does tasks which could not be completed by Lorraine, Taylor, Michelle or even Rebecca. We don’t want to share her whole list because it could be embarrassing, but here are just a few of her many contributions:

1) Greets each employee, client, cleaning company, and even her rival Bonnie the dog.

2) An extraordinary sales professional, she knows exactly when to jump into the lap of a prospect who is undecided about whether or not to hire the Roundpeg team.

3) She is well qualified to supervise printing projects, from her perch atop the printer or help with the filing by climbing into the drawers where the files should go.

4) Her most valuable role is to entertains the team with climbing and acrobatic feats on our “off” days

Clyde Screen

Even though there is so much more to say about our favorite employee, I felt these pictures and video will give you a closer look into her first full year at roundpeg.

Have you met her yet? If you haven’t, stop by, she’d love it.

Congratulations Clyde!