I have spent several hours last night reading some amazing business plans.  The would-be entrepreneurs who submitted the plans are not currently looking for investors or loans.  These are student plans, written by High School students ( juniors and seniors) as part of the Hamilton County Entrepreneurship Advancement Center’s  Education Program. 

This is the 4th year I have been involved in the competition and it is always a treat.  Some of plans are well written and well researched, but aren’t viable businesses.  Others contain a great idea, hidden in a poorly written plan.

And every year, there is at least one, which makes me stop and think someday, I am going to say I knew him/her  when.  

 This year the plans are less innovative, more practical; a computer repair shop, window cleaning business, designer dress shop and a paint ball facility.

Like their adult counterparts the young entrepreneurs create unrealistic financial projections.  They have however, in many cases, really thought through the elements which will be necessary to pull of the business they have conceived.   I know a number of adults who could take lessons from him.

The oral part of the competition is Saturday, January 9th and I can’t wait see if  they are as good selling  their  ideas in person, as they are on paper.   Do bankers or VC’s get this excited when the read a really good plan?  I hope so!  Our economy needs the plans and people who will be excited to seem them succeed