No, today’s post is not about makeovers or dating advice.  It is about being attractive on line!

About a year ago, I read a post by  Jim Connolly.  In it he talked about Equality and Attraction. Essentially he was talking about what makes people attractive.  While he was focused on internet marketing, I think his comments are relevant in many areas of marketing.  He said:

You attract sales, leads and referrals by being attractive. In the online world, this means making your site or blog as valuable to your ideal profile of client / customer as possible. You do this by focusing on delivering quality and quantity.

What do you think?  I think many of the same qualities which make people attractive off line make them attractive on line as well.  For example -When you go to a cocktail  party or networking event, take a minute and look around the room.  The interesting, confident people are usually the center of attention. How does this translate to your on-line? Write interesting content and share it with confidence. – A simple post on Twitter or FriendFeed to let your followers know you have something new, then let your readers find you.

In addition to really dynamic and  interesting people, the other very popular folks at any party are the good listeners. So spend some time listening as well by asking good questions if you want to be more attractive on line! Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing firm, can help you with your on line image. We’ll be glad to make your business more attractive!