Growing up in NY the highest compliment you could pay someone, was to say they were “Street Smart.”  This indicated the individual knew how to get things done, with a commons sense no nonsense approach to life.  This same common sense approach makes  Street Marketing ideal for the small business owners looking to create a big impression on a limited budget.

Street Marketing is built on the same foundation as traditional marketing; clear goals, concise description of a target customer, and a well thought out plan.

The Difference is a Matter of Focus!

Unless you have the marketing budget of Coca Cola or McDonalds, you don’t really have sufficient funds to support a true mass market campaign, one that reaches all consumers.

Savvy Street Marketers narrow down their audience to people who are most likely to buy. They spend marketing dollars reaching a concentrated group several times, rather than trying to touch everyone once

Street Marketing Takes Leg Work!

How do you decide where to invest your money?  Take time to do some analysis and planning on the front end.  Study your past sales, where does most of your business come from?

Take time to hit the streets. Look at census data, and local real estate and business publications to find uncover neighborhood trends.  The local chamber of commerce or other business association may have some additional insight into where the “action” is.

If you join an association, show up for meetings on a regular basis. You won’t necessarily get referrals the first time you attend a networking meeting. But hang in there, as you become part of the “regular” crowd opportunities will drift your way.

And finally, look for sub-groups and niche populations ignored by your competitors.  Become an expert or a big fish in one of these ponds instead of a small fish in the larger community