Yesterday, I wrote about moving from a Frame-Based to CMS driven site.  Once you do, it is time to introduce the world and specifically search engines to the wonderful new content you have created.

How?  Just as you need to get out into the community to introduce your business, you need to get your website into the larger community as well.

Darren Rowse wrote a terrific post, specifically for bloggers, but his suggestions on joining communities and submitting your site make sense with minor modifications for any small business.

For example, Darren suggests joining blogging communities.  While it may not make sense for the local butcher to join a blogging community, he probably is already a member of the chamber of commerce or other business association. As a member,  there is an opportunity to be listed on their site, with a link back to his.

He also suggests joining social sites, like Facebook and Twitter.   While you may never have tons of fans for your Dry Cleaner, the page does create viable links to your site and offering an occasional coupon on those sites may create more than a few loyal customers.

Just like in traditional networking, consider building a referral business for your website.  Promote your  referral partners with links to their sites and ask for links back in return.   Become active in the community online, and make it easier for people to find you.

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