We recently launched Crew Property Improvement Specialists new website – www.crewspecialists.com.Crewspecialists Screen shots

There old website had an attractive landing page, but without much text or SEO planning, it was not a productive site,

The new website provides more information regarding their home repair services, annual maintenance programs, pictures of past projects, testimonials from clients and company news. The creation of a blog was a major change for this site.

It allowed the firm to move away from a single testimonial page.  After seven years in business this page was so long, the testimonials were lost.  On the new site each testimonials is an  individual blog. They don’t get lost in the shuffle.

The same was true with all the awards and press releases.  This is a firm which makes news in the community. The blog allows them to share new information!

“Our old site was attractive, but confusing for the average visitor,” said Crew owner, Eric Schneller. “The new site makes it easy for consumers and realtors to easily find the information they’re seeking.”

To visit the site please go to: www.crewspecialists.com.

To learn more about some of the other features we added to the website Click Here.