It is hard to believe, but we have just seven weeks before the end of the year.  By now, most business owners (with the exception of retail stores) know how the year will end.   And, while the numbers are lower than years past, owners seem to be looking forward with optimism.

With glimpses of the recovery taking hold,  business owners  seem to believe success in 2010 will be their reward for surviving 2009.  I love the optimism, but I also know it needs to be supported with more than hope.

If you want a piece of the action in 2010, you need to start now.  In the last seven weeks of 2009 you need to build a foundation for your success next year.   Don’t wait for January.  It will be too late!   So what should you be doing in the last seven weeks of this year?   Here are seven ideas,  implement just one a week and you will be far ahead of your competitors by January 1.

  1. Dust off your business plan or write a new one.
  2. Design new marketing material.  Even if you don’t print anything till early next year, you will be ready.
  3. Take a class, learn something new you can use next year.
  4. Expand your contact circle.  Check out three new networking groups.
  5. Call five past customers just to check in.
  6. Make some news! Introduce new employees, host an event, launch a new product or service, and tell someone!
  7. Audit your website.  Is it time for a change?  Do you need an overhaul, or just a few tweaks?

These are my suggestions, do you have others?

Come back tomorrow as my guest author, Robby Slaughter shares some of his end of year strategies.