Written by Melinda Cooper

According to this survey, you aren’t.

The article states that:

The study found 76 percent of small-business owners polled were not using social media or finding it helpful in generating business leads during the last year, and 86 percent said the did not use such sites to get advice or information.

It seems the reason for this is business owners feel they didn’t have the resources (time or money) to learn to use it properly.

Is this true? Shouldn’t businesses make time for new technology seminars or attending them to fully use all resources. Twitter and Facebook are FREE. There should be no reason to pass up a FREE opportunity to get your business across.

In November, Rainmakers University is leading two popular seminars on how to use Twitter and LinkedIN and one on general marketing, visit rainuniversity.com to sign up.

[side note: The journalist in me – who also took an Economics course featuring “How to Lie with Statistics” – noticed that only 500 small businesses were contacted. Perhaps, they were all in Appalachia where businesses with access to the Internet was few and far between.]