Written by Melinda Cooper

Oh Twitter… between your cute little bird icons and the way you allow me to view everything I need to know in seconds … my love runs deep.

For small business owners, Twitter is a key tool (or should be especially with sides like Hoot Suite). You can connect directly with your public/audience/customers in 140 words or less, multiple times a day, for free. And you can do it from anywhere.

But once you’ve Tweeted how awesome your sales are, your new hours, your important news — how do you get retweeted? (Have other’s share your information with their circles)

This article by Anand Srinivasan suggests the following:

  1. Install the retweet button
  2. Cater to the Ego
  3. Find the maven
  4. Direct message with link
  5. Put it in perspective

Now retreat to retweet!