As a small business owner, I am often asked this question by friends and family.  And as a consultant for small business owners, I ask them the same question.

Why Do You Own Your Own Business?

The answers are as varied as the personalities of the different owners.  There is no one reason which applies to all of us.  But I am always curious, what drives people to start a business. 

In this month’s issue of Inc Magazine, there were responses from a number of successful CEO’s to this very question. 

Steve Slovick, Price Perspective said: “No one to challenge my bar bill on the monthly expense report.”

I don’t know Steve, but I like him.  While my bar bill isn’t all that large, I do like the fact that I am answerable to myself for my expenses – well me and the IRS.

Jeremy Wing, Payscape Advisors said: “To be responsible for my own success or failure, and to make several employees and friends’ millionaires”

Jeremy has the right idea, ultimately business owners own their success or failure. Sometimes it would be nice to let someone else be in charge, but it isn’t in our nature.

And Buck Robinson, Robinson Radio said, “Because I am the world’s worst employee”

This was one I couldn’t relate to. I was a good employee, but I am a better owner. 

What about you?  Why did you start your small business?