I have a confession to make.  I am a math nerd. This surprises most people. They assume because I am an outgoing marketing person I probably can’t add.  But I can! And more interesting to me then simple arithmetic is statistics, data and trends.  For a math junkie like me, Internet marketing, with it’s accurate and real-time statistics, is the perfect blend of my marketing and math passions.

The good news is the data when used to provide evidence of campaign success, customer interests and preferences can help even a small business owner make better decisions.  But sometimes the data can become an obsession, rather than a tool.   How to know if you marketing is out of balance?  Here are a few signs:

  • Your marketing is more focused on creating thousands of followers, instead of a tight loyal following who really care about you and your product
  • Your emphasis is on traffic, rather than conversions
  • You spend more time analyzing your statistics then using as a guide for your action plans

What to do?  Stop worrying about what other people tell you you should measure.  Ask yourself, what are the real key indicators of success in my business, and find a way to measure that!

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