Written by Neil Chaggar

At Roundpeg, we’re always in the process of reinventing and rejuvenating different aspects of our products and services.  For example, the recent redesign of our own website, which turned out to be an impressive fresh new look, thanks to Jay Mattingly – our summer intern. Next in line is our business journal website, Indy-Biz.com.

It’s my second time tackling a redesign and somewhat easier since the current site is very plain and simple. Though, I have to be careful in maintaining that professional and credible feel of the current website.

After checking out several other business journal websites, we’ve come up with two final themes for the new site that allows readers to have great readability and easy access to their Indy and Carmel business news.

In addition, Taylor and I have also been working on a new logo for the website. Currently, we have six different logos we are evaluating. Help us find the right logo for Indy-Biz by sharing your opinions on the survey below.

Check back in a few days for the survey results.  Neil Out!