Written by Melinda Cooper

So before bed I always read over the news that I didn’t have time to read during the day and I came across this

Being a HUGE Facebook user for pure social reasons and still unhappy with the FB chat feature – I find myself excited yet nervous.

I was really excited when FB put the chat feature up because I could shorten all contact with relatives and people I went to high school with to even LESS than 140 words. Ha. But… when I went to use FB chat, it seems filled with gliches. It’s always sloooooow and always ‘sending my message’ and then randomly signs me offline.

For small businesses, it seems that the fastest and most reliable plug-ins, applications and software usually come out on top. Facebook chat is nice – sometimes – but for business people, it’s much easier to just open your BB or iPhone and send a text or e-mail.

And even if it gets around the connection problem by going through this other company (as the article says) – what will make it different from Skype – which is easy to use for quick video chats? Small businesses don’t have the time to deal with unreliable add-ons like Facebook chat and (probably) Facebook video chat.

So whereas I am thrilled at the IDEA of a FB video chat… seeing the disaster that is FB regular chat makes me want to just run back to Skype and AIM.

Ahhh good ol’ AOL instant messenger. Maybe I’ll even go way back and rejoin ICQ. They say all trends repeat themselves right… or is that just fashion?

What do you think? Do you think Facebook is just shooting itself in the foot? Also, on the subject on Facebook – what do you think of the new status tags?