I have always loved a good story. Whether I am telling it or listening to a great story teller, a story told well engages the audience.

In this article, Stew Friedman explains why now more then ever a 2 – minute story is an effective way to grab an audience’s attention and drive home important points.

He says: A good leadership story has the power to engage hearts and minds. It has these six crucial elements:

  1. Draws on your real past and lessons you’ve learned from it.
  2. Resonates emotionally with your audience because it’s relevant to them.
  3. Inspires your audience because it’s fueled by your passion.
  4. Shows the struggle between your goal and the obstacles you faced in pursuing it.
  5. Illustrates with a vivid example.
  6. Teaches an important lesson.

I love a good story, and rely on this technique often when trying to make a point. Here are links to some of my favorites.