Written by Jay Mattingly

I only have two weeks of summer left before classes pick back up, and I look back wondering where the last three months have gone. It seems like just yesterday I first stepped into the Roundpeg office.

I was lucky enough to spend my summer making an impact in ways that will hopefully last long after I’ve gone back to school. Throughout the last few months, as most of you know, we’ve been working tirelessly on a redesign of the Roundpeg website. The new site has slowly taken shape over the last month and should be up soon.

I spent most of the summer learning about web design and social media, but what I will really treasure about the last three months goes far beyond that. I learned how to be a part of a team and accomplish something that each member can be proud of. I learned how to be curious and participate. I learned how to play a role in creating something bigger than myself. And I learned how to care about more than just a grade. On top of that, I met a ton of great people in the Indy business community.

I’m really excited about the new site. Hopefully all of you will agree that it’s a huge upgrade over the old site, and each member of the Roundpeg team played an integral role in its development.

I began this summer hoping to be part of something great. And, looking back, I’m proud to say that I was.