I recently finished a logo design for a new restaurant called Chef JJ’s Back Yard. It was fun working on this logo because Chef JJ has been a long time client of Roundpeg’s.  As their business has evolved, from personal chef to full-fledged restaurant, so have their logo designs, all of which were created by Roundpeg.  The new logo includes s his some of the elements from earlier versions, but has a distinct, more modern feel and edgy font choice.  This version was designed, knowing a 3 – D version would eventually be created for the building signage.jjsign

After the design was finalized, a local artist, who creates both decorative and functional pieces constructed from a range of materials including: steel, bronze, iron, wood, glass and tile created his interpretation of the logo in a 3D metal version sign of Chef JJ’s logo.  The sign now hangs in the entrance of Chef JJ’s Back Yard. It’s really cool to see something transformed into a 3 dimensional piece after seeing it only on screen or on paper.

A bit about Chef JJ’s Backyard – Located in the heart of Broad Ripple, the indoor and outdoor retail living space creates an open feel that will allow clients to enjoy the grilling experience, nature and a view of the river.  The Back Yard blends grilling and outdoor living with the farm to form concept using only fresh, local food sources to create a very unique dining experience.  We are looking forward to a few company events at JJ’s.

And the artist, Andy Ball, (Lorraine’s husband) will have his first local exhibit at the Indianapolis Art Center just a few blocks away from JJ’s.  So stop in to see the sign, then head up the Monon, for his opening on September 11 and then wander down to see his other work at Chef JJ’s