It is one thing to start a blog, yet a completely different thing to begin a successful blog. As easy as it may seem, it takes skillful, captivating writing to keep a reader interested and more importantly, coming back for more.  Problogger Darren Rowse suggests that sometimes you need to shake it up a bit to keep your readers interested.

While trying something completely new may work very well for a professional blogger, it is a little harder for a small business owner who has a specific product or service to promote.  But Darren’s suggestions weren’t really all that far out there.  As a matter of fact other then #1 and  #2, I think this list is a wonderful guide for the small business owner looking for ways to keep a blog fresh. 

  1. Write something controversial
  2. Argue Against Your Normal Opinion
  3. Use an Eye Catching Image
  4. Using Humor/Satire
  5. Use a Metaphor
  6. Use a Different Medium
  7. Refresh Your Design
  8. Expanding Topics to Related Areas

One last thing I would add to the list:  Guest Bloggers.  Ask other’s to join you on your blog, it gives fresh voices, fresh perspective without getting off topic.  It also brings new visitors to your blog as your guests bring friends along.