Written by Neil Chaggar

For the past three days… or so it feels that way on my fourth day of the internship here at Roundpeg. Hello everyone, this is Narinder (Neil) Chaggar, the new internet marketing intern at Roundpeg. The ride has just begun with couple of creative assignments, though the pace is just right because of the necessity to learn all the new programs and tools around here.

At this time, I’m full of both excitement and many questions as to what will come next. So far, I’ve done everything from joining social media websites such as Twitter and Smaller Indiana to helping write a Press Release and do internet research for Lorraine. Though one particular project I’m really excited about is helping create a new website for Cliffe Metal Products. I knew it takes creativity and imagination to make a website but going through the process of picking out WordPress themes and designing it in your mind is a whole new experience.

Lastly, everyone here at Roundpeg has given me a pleasant welcome and they are exceptionally nice to answer any and every question that I come up with. So look forward to hearing more from me… Neil out!