Written by (you guessed it!) Melinda Cooper.


I am the new (and overly enthused) public relations/marketing intern for Roundpeg.

It’s going to be a fun time here, I can already tell (based on Clyde the cat alone).

I want to know about YOU – your business and how I can help you achieve even more.

And… oh alright, here are some random facts about me (in case you care)

I’m pushing 30 (and it’s pushing back). I have a husband and two cats. I went to Ball State (Go Cards!). I’ve never met David Letterman but have made my own Top 10 list on more than one occasion.

My dad is a small business owner in Elkhart. I LOVE social networking sites and the Internet in general. What did the world do before the Internet anyway? I have worked in the magazine and newspaper world and am excited to learn more about public relations and marketing.