At Roundpeg, we have developed a number of tools and resources which we are happy to share for free!

  • Business Plan Outline – As a small-business owner, you need a map — a business plan! Without it, you are traveling blind. Often, the road to achieving your goals is a series of small steps.


    Creating a schedule for these interim steps or milestones will help you track progress toward the overall goal. A business plan does not have to be complicate or difficult to write.

    Just answer the questions in this simple outline and you will be well on your way. Download the business plan outline now.

As an added bonus you will be invited to participate in a free eCourse – “How to Write a Business Plan in Ten Weeks” which will step you through each section of the outline. You may opt out at any time

  • The Marketing Budget There is a formula to determining how much you should spend on marketing.  It is based on the average sale per customer, and how long a customer continues to do business with you.  Your marketing budget is also affected by how larger your referral network is.    This simple spreadsheet helps you put all the pieces together.

  • The Marketing Calendar is a a great way to look at your entire year.  This easy to use spreadsheet will help you plan when and where you should be spending marketing dollars. It will also give you a chance to compare different tools to make better choices next year. Your marketing is much more productive when you have a plan.  Download the marketing calendar