We are closing out our printed inventory as we prepare for the conversion to digital versions only.  So this will be your last chance to purchase the physical copies of these popular titles.

Business Map

Business Map: A Practical Guide to Business Planning 

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As a small-business owner, you need a map — a business plan! Without it, you are traveling blind. Often, the road to achieving your goals is a series of small steps. Creating a schedule for these interim steps or milestones will help you track progress toward the overall goal. This step-by-step process includes numerous examples to help a new business owner create a viable business plan.

Accompanied with blank forms and outlines, “Business Map” provides you will all the necessary information to get your started. Business Map contains:

  • Outline of what your plan should contain along with a complete listing of the questions your plan should answer throughout the process
  • How to avoid the 10 most common mistakes small business owners make when writing their business plan
  • Excerpts from plans across a range of industries to help you formulate your plan

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The CD has been replaced with a link to a wide range of online resources.  

Entrepreneurs Notebook

The Entrepreneur’s Notebook:

A Guide to the Science of Marketing – $20.00  Now $10.00

Every company, large or small faces the same challenge – to create effective marketing. The difference? Large companies typically have a systematic process for the development of their marketing plans. No
w you can learn the secret to big company marketing.
In this combination reference manual and workbook, you will find a step-by-step process to make your marketing investments more effective.
  • Apply the Science of Marketing to your business
  • Prepare a SWOT Analysis and use it to create realistic action plans
  • Build a Marketing Pyramid and use it to form your Marketing Plan
  • Segment the market, identifying the best potential customers
  • Use what you know about your customers as the foundation of quality communication

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