When you set up on a long trip to an unfamiliar location, you need a map. The same is true for your business. To find the path to success, you need a Business Map, and we can help.

BusinessMap Services

  • BusinessMap, a Workbook by Lorraine Ball for the Do-it-Yourselfer

  • Business Plan Review, if you have a basic draft, and simply want feedback on what you have written

  • Business Plan Writing services, in this interactive process we will work together to develop your plan

  • Marketing Plan, a comprehensive market analysis, message and target development, along with a budget and planning calendar

  • Marketing Calendar and Budget, a less formal annual action plan.

With books, seminars and one-on-one consulting, we will put you on the road to success!!


“Lorraine can talk marketing theory with the best of them. But she stands apart by her ability to put the theory into down and direct practices, yielding concrete, tangible results.”

– Matt Michele, President, The Service Roundtable.