Two years ago, I wrote this article for my newsletter: Tips for a Better Website.    I have learned a lot in the last few years about SEO helping companies as an Indianapolis web design firm. While I have changed my opinions on many things, I am still comfortable with most of these suggestions.  As you read these web design tips, tell me what you would add to the list of ways to improve your visitor’s experiences.

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1) Be a Good Host

What I said then:

Before you tell visitors about your expertise, great service, smart employees, etc. take the time to prove you understand their needs, desires, and challenges. Lead with copy demonstrating to the reader they are in the right place:

“If you are a small business owner struggling to balance, etc.” or “Are you looking for, etc.”

What I would add now:

Keywords, keywords, keywords.  Your home page is for people and search engines, so be sure you include the words people use most often to find you and your competitors.

2) Give People a Reason to Come Back

I think this advice has held up under the test of time.

Think about what else should be on your home page to make the visitor’s stay more interesting and more relevant.  Consider including a “What’s New” section. By keeping this content fresh, with links to press releases, new white papers, articles and resources visitors have a reason to come back. Be sure you change this frequently!

What I would add now:

Fresh content is important for the people who visit, but also for the Search engines, so beyond Keywords, keywords, keywords, is new, new new.

3) Share What You Know and Make it Easy to Find !

What I said then:

When you add content such as relevant news, how- to instructions, helpful guides, industry reports, and links to other sties, you give visitors a reason to come back. And while they are visiting, the will be exposed to your company messages as well.

So make sure it is easy to access the content, with simple download procedures and printer friendly pages. Be sure all downloads include company logos and contact information.

What I would add now:

Take advantage of the search functions to cluster blog posts on related topics

4) Check Your Web Stats!

I said it then, and I believe it even more today.

Reviewing your statistics on a regular basis will help you identify which pages attract and hold visitors, and which don’t. The Web is a flexible and measurable medium. Take advantage of what you learn to continuously improve your visitor experience.

Bottom line is making even small changes will make your website a more valuable tool for your business.

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