Written by Ellie Flores

We use the internet everyday.  But who really knows how all that information gets there? I had no idea until I started working at Roundpeg how simple it can be to navigate through the back doors of the web. What has made my learning so simple, I attribute to the WordPress software.

When first working with WordPress I figured, it was easy enough.  Directions weren’t needed because everything was self-explanatory.  Then a WordPress upgrade kept popping up.  Fearful that everything would change and I would be left in the dark yet again, I was pleasantly surprised to see that once upgraded, WordPress was the same in functioning but better in execution. Much to my relief, I could still pretend to be an internet wizard.

Now I know that the internet isn’t as scary or mystifying as I once thought it was.  Although the magic is gone, without WordPress I’d still be mystified and clueless.   Being in-the-know and efficient at work is fine by me though!

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