Written by Christine Maley

This summer has been my first time using Twitter.

In college, we are ALL about the Facebook.  Facebook chat, profile pics, status updates, hobbies, interests, favorites, likes, photo albums, bumper stickers, and wall posts… Pure magic.

For me, Twitter is a great social media transition  from college world into the adult world.  No frills, no, yet still very fun and professional.

At Roundpeg, we use Twitter to connect with our clients, prospects and friends. Many of the things we “tweet” about are things relevant to our clients and fan base. For example, we manage the Rainmaker University Twitter account. We share a blurb about upcoming classes and ReTweet comments by our instructors.  At Roundpeg we post announcements or recognize our clients for recent accomplishments.

Lorraine frequently shares article she has enjoyed reading which she feels would be interesting to other small business owners. And all of the team members of Roundpeg have found their own 140 character voices, sharing news, projects and event information.

For small business owners, I would recommend checking out :Marketing Jive, an advice business blog for online marketing.  I particualarly like their post about 15 business benefits from using twitter:

1. Participating in Industry Conversation
2. Brand Awareness
3. Use Twitter to gain Competitive Intelligence
4. Engage with your target audience
5. Online Reputation Management
6. Promote your Blog Content
7. Twitter and Mobile
8. Understanding Tool
9. Feedback Mechanism
10. Promotion
11. SEO Boost
12. Ask Questions Receive Answers
13. HR Tool
14. Press Release / News Management
15. Internal Communication Tool

Twitter has become this new darling of the Internet. However “it’s not just for kids anymore…”. Businesses can leverage Twitter as an effective listening and communication tool and use the power of Internet Speed to gather and share information. The digital world can be a great place to be.

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