Written by Ellie Flores

Roundpeg is lucky to have three interns this summer.  You have already met Christy and Jay, now meet Ellie!   A journalism major from IU, she is quickly making a contribution on our projects, and client projects.

Refiling unused colored paper, organizing supply cabinet, tracking people down.  This wasn’t what I expected to find at RoundPeg, but what I wasn’t counting out.  I had my fair share of “intern” tasks last summer that consisted of these menial assignments with experience-type opportunities sparingly interspersed in between.  This summer at Roundpeg is far from that.  I know that I am learning and acquiring skills that I will be able to take into the future with me.  Honing my journalism skills by writing press releases and becoming more technologically-savy by posting blogs and articles, what I am gaining in my short 7-week term as an intern will be sure to effect me (positively, of course) for the rest of my life.

At the end of my second week, RoundPeg has taught me that I made my first major life decision, pursuing a career in PR and Advertising by majoring in Journalism,  correctly.  This is what I want to do, and this is who I want to be.  I’m entrusted with tasks without someone looking over my shoulder and finally have a real sense of responsibility.  I have no greater feeling during my work day than being able to successfully cross off a task on my to-do list.  With a relaxed work environment, I don’t feel stress or pressure in trying to get the job done, and if I have a question or am completely clueless I know anyone of the team members will willingly lend a helping hand. I’m so excited to be given this opportunity and can’t wait to see what the following weeks will lead to.