Written by Christine Maley

The secret to directing traffic to your web site is publicity. While the concept is simple enough, executing a plan of action isn’t always straightforward. Top placement in search engines and strong site traffic are very competitive, so businesses are continually seeking an edge. You want that edge? Look no further than online press releases.

At Roundpeg, almost all of our press releases are distributed to online sites. These websites give you additional visibility, credible links,  land another traffic resources. At Roundpeg, the ones that we have found to be most popular and beneficial for our small business clients are dBusinessNews, PRweb, and Indy-Biz.

Blizzard, an Internet Marketing Service, uses online press release distributions for most of their clients (much like Roundpeg). This is their list of the benefits of incorporating online press releases into your overall business marketing strategy.

  • Fast publication, often the day after submission
  • Top rankings in Google News, Yahoo News, MSN News, and other major search engines for targeted search terms
  • New rankings in Google and Yahoo web search results, sometimes with first page results
  • Coverage on hundreds of relevant web sites with distribution through Rich Site Summary (RSS) services
  • Relevant information provided to relevant traffic
  • E-mail delivery to subscribers based on their target interests
  • Links from web sites that pick up your news release
  • Wide distribution to consumers, journalists and researchers
  • Tracking capabilities (especially with Blizzard’s ROI Edition statistical tracker)
  • Brand awareness increase for existing and new customers
  • Help in building link popularity for your web pages
  • Archived press releases deliver long-term link value
  • Visibility when published on your web site

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