Small business owners often look for a magic bullet; that one perfect email or direct mail piece which will drive customers to  your door over and over again  The truth?   Real success comes from perseverance.

Last Fall I wrote about my experiences learning to ride a bicycle at the age of 9.  The process involved trying,(running into a mailbox) analyzing what I did wrong, tweaking my approach and trying again.

The same is true for your marketing efforts. No one message is going to be perfect.  Study your campaigns, and adjust the approach each time to improve your results. And the benefit of multiple campaigns compounds as Doug Karr of the Marketing Technology Blog explains

A long-term strategic marketing campaign works a lot like compounding interest, though. In repeating the message, you’re not stuttering… you’re providing more opportunities for the message to take hold. Perhaps the first time, the visitor didn’t have time to investigate further… or perhaps the reader didn’t have an opportunity to purchase or engage at that time.