Written by Ellie Flores

In today’s day and age, emailing is sometimes the key that gets everything done.  Here at Roundpeg, we are accustomed to this way of working, and understand a good  email newsletter is a center point to your ongoing customer communication As email marketers, it is important to self-evaluate your work and progress in order to achieve success.

Gail Goodman, CEO of Constant Contact, shared 5 questions you should ask yourself as  evaluate your email marketing program:.

1. How did your results measure up to your goals?

2. Did your bank of email addresses grow? Is it organized?

3. Did you stay connected to your contacts as well/as often as you wanted?

4. Winner? Losers? Were your campaigns improved to achieve success every time?

5. Are you striving to become a better marketer? i.e. Taking all opportunities to improve yourself.

How did you measure up? Do you think you are where you want to be?  For more measuring questions check out Goodman’s article! Don’t be afraid to find your flaws and fix them for future success!

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