We created a fun direct mail piece for Roundpeg a few months ago.  Featuring a little boy in over sized clothes, the headline read: “When it Comes to Marketing, One Size Does Not Fit All!

I loved the card, because it really captured my attitude toward marketing.  While certain elements may transfer from client to client, each situation is different.   Great marketing strategies take all the elements into consideration: the needs of the client, the state of the market and the available budget.

Smart business owners recognize this applies to other elements of their business such as their employees.

Employees are not the same size.  Some need more direction, others need more challenges. So even in a small company the struggle for  the owner is to be fair,  but create incentives and an environment in  which each employee is motivated and empowered to do their best work.  It is easy to say, hard to do. What are your employee management  strategies?

Does it seem like I am focused on my organization a bit more these days?  With 3 interns, and 1 new employee, along with the rest of my team, I am spending a lot more time managing, and less time doing.  It isn’t easy!