The web creates challenges and opportunities for small business owners. Web sites are more affordable then ever to build, but your site has to do more than just sit there to be effective. It must attract visitors!

So now, once you build your site, you must also look for ways to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so people searching the web can find you.  But how do you improve SEO?  ProBlogger,  Darren Rose wrote a terrific post on the first 8 things you should do to improve your SEO.

In his post he recommends:

1. Content is King

The quality of the posts you write is the single most important factor when it comes to Search Optimization on a Blog.

2. Anticipate What People Will be Searching For

Every time you write a post you should be automatically be considering what words people might be putting into search engines to find that type of information.

3. Titles Titles Titles

Google pays particular attention to titles – so make sure you get them right:

4. Keywords in other parts of your post

Use the keywords you identified in point #2 within your post also.

5. Link to Your Own Posts

Don’t over do this one but while links from other sites are a great way to increase your blog’s rankings so are links from your blog.

6. Links from Outside Your Blog

Links from other sites to yours are key in SEO but they can be hard to get.

7. Plugins

Check out 9 SEO plugins that every WordPress Blog Should have for some suggestions on this.

8. Readers Begat Readers

This isn’t an SEO technique as such but it plays a part. The more readers you have the more likely your blog is to be found by other readers. There’s a certain ’snowballing’ thing that happens on a site over time – as you get readers quite often momentum grows as those readers pass on your site to others in their network.

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