Written by Christine Maley

As an intern, one of my jobs is to utilize -what I’ve found to be- the easiest and best professional email marketing system, constant contact. I can say as a writer (and reader!) of the emails that go out weekly for Rainmaker University, that Constant Contact makes it much easier for me to edit and manage all of the different marketing accounts for Roundpeg.

In an article on selfseo.com, an online resource designed to help webmasters to build a successful website, they list the Top 10 Advantages of Using Email Marketing for your business:

1. Global reach

2. Lower cost

3. Interactive

4. Highly personalized

5. Round the clock marketing

6. Measurable results

7. Targeted marketing

8. Opt-in or unsubscribe options

9. Faster response

10. Simple

Constant Contact is particularly superior to most other email marketing systems because of its professionalism and ease of use. As a business professional, your valuable time should not be wasted on formatting and computing issues. It should be content. Constant Contact provides you with an effective layout, management, and delivery system. All you need is information to fill in the blanks.

For more information about Constant Contact, check out their website at: http://www.constantcontact.com/