One of the most effective ways for small business owners to get your name out there is through cross promotions with related and sometimes unrelated businesses.

One of our clients, Dr. Jeremy Ciano  of Revolution Eyes has been very effective using his relationships with other business owners to build buzz for his business.  For example, he ran a joint open house with a local singles group, and Bar Louis ( his favorite lunch spot).  The singles group promoted an open house event to their members ( affluent, professional singles)  The event was hosted at Bar Louis, and sign in, was across the street at Revolution Eyes.  As people checked in, they could browse the unusual collection of designer frames and eyeware available from RevolutionEyes.

It was a win-win-win event!   The singles had fun, the bar had a huge turn out on a typically slow Thursday night, and several new patients discovered RevolutionEyes. The cost was relatively minimal, as they group relied on email and Facebook to promote the event.

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Dr. Ciano works with his partners in other ways as well.  For example, he has a number of realtors who specialize in working with consumers who are new to the community.  These are ideal prospects for Dr. Ciano.  So we have created a direct mail piece, the realtors can send to their clients, after they move in offering a discount on their eye exam.  Dr. Ciano pays for the design and printing, and the realtor’s pay for the postage. And the consumer gets the beneift.

That is really the key to successful cross promotions. It needs to be a win, win, win with something in if for each company, and the client. When done right, it helps small business owners reach a significantly wider audience.   Interested in learning more?  We would like to help!