When I entered the workforce, way too many years ago to mention, I was surrounded by people who had worked for the same company for 25, 30, and 35 years.  This was expected.  If you worked hard, the company would take care of you, and you would have a career for life. And I imagined, I would climb the corporate ladder, and still be there 25, 30, maybe 35 years later.

But it isn’t that way anymore.  Recent college grads expect to change jobs every few years, and even completely change their careers a few times along the way.  While this type of turnover wrecks havoc on a business, and companies complain about it, I think they do relatively little to prevent it.

If you want loyalty, you have to earn it! Create opportunities for growth, and expansion of skill.  This is often challenging for small business owners.  How do you grow in a company of five employees?

I don’t have the anwer to this one.   I would love your input.  I have lost a few very talented employees in the past ( mostly becuase they were moving out of the city).  And would really like the keep the one’s I have now.  Any suggestions?  Any tips..

What is your secret for keeping employees loyal!