Do you sit in the same place everyday? Drive to and from work along the same route? Tackle problems in the same manner?

Habits are easy, and they help us get through the day. Do them too often, however, and you end up in a rut. Let the ruts get too deep and it is hard to find a new solution to a problem or challenge. Sometimes drastic measures are needed to break out of the rut

When I need a few fresh ideas I occasional resort to a brainstorming technique called “Random Input.” This technique helps you break away from restrictive thinking patterns. It opens a conversation about new solutions you normally might not associate with the problem.

You can do this anywhere, but my favorite location, is usually an outdoor cafe, with sunshine, a Latte, blank sheet of paper, and a pen. But on June 24th I will be at Smaller Indiana Bigger Ideas, with a pen and blank sheet of paper, ready to listen to smart people, in unrelated fields talk about things which interest them. I am looking for random input which I can use to brainstorm new ideas.

I have used the technique for years, and generated lots of ideas. Sure some are useless but others have lead to valuable insights. And every now and then a random input has lead to a startling, creative leap.

So I will be there, pen in hand.. Should I bring an extra one for you?