Many, many years ago, my brother sold advertising in the Yellow Pages.  As a result we have a number of lively conversations, about the value of the publication. ( Ok, so maybe they were arguments)  You see, I hate the yellow pages.

I think it is crazy to spend money to drive consumers to a vehicle where they can find information on  your competitors.  The yellow pages, as a printed medium is a dying advertising tool.  More and more, consumers are going on line, or to their smart phones to find goods and services. So in most cases, I think the same money would be much more effective talking to a more targeted audience, but there are exceptions.

If you are in a business like emergency repairs, it is less likely you will have long term relationships with clients  the Yellow Pages may still fill a need for a few more years. But as you are renewing your advertising contract, remember pricing is negotiable.

They like to tell you it is hard and fast, but the truth is, if you move to a larger size, it is always a better deal then if you try to scale down.  So how do you improve your chances of getting a good deal?  Share you quotes, with other companies in your area.  I had six clients do this last year.  They all took the lowest quote back to their rep, demanding the same pricing.  It was effective.

Color cost more, but isn’t always more impactful.  A strong black and white design, will stand out just as well, or better, then a cluttered color design.  So spend a little more on the design, and less on the ad itself.

Invest in the online version of the directory.  Make sure the web site you link to will help you close the sale.   Make sure it looks good on a smart phone as well!

Yellow pages are big business, but the directories are getting smaller, and less valuable as more people simply put them in the closet, and hop on line to find what they need.  Make sure you are where they can find you !