As the economy slowed down last fall, we began routinely encouraging our small business clients to increase, not decrease their investment in marketing and advertising. And because we believe you need to practice what you preach, we did the same thing.   Begining in November, we began using direct mall on a regular basis to reconnect with existing customers and reach new clients as well.  Postcards

We have created a  different post card for each or our products, printed about 1,000 and mailed them at the rate of 100 a week.   We have a list of about 1,000 small busienss owners on our “hit” list, and but sending the cards out in batches of 100, each company hears from us about every ten weeks.

As soon as a card arrives from the printer, it is time to start working on the next design.  Designing the different mailers was fun because we used slightly different styles and images to portray each service we offer.  It has been a great way to stay connected,  get our name out in the community and keep everyone up to date on the services! we offer.

And the result – we have had a number of calls after the cards are mailed, and a business owner receives one of our postcards.  Sometimes the calls even come a few months later.  The investment has been relatively small, but we are convinced the cards have contributed to  our ability to continue to grow our sales, even in a slower economy!